Myths about Atheism
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Myth: Atheist's are neutral on the question of the existence of God.

Atheism is a belief system -- and just like any other belief system there are those who are passionate about their beliefs.

Just as most "Christians" are not interested in spreading their beliefs, most atheists have a live and let live attitude. But those who write books and create web sites are passionate enough about their beliefs to write and argue in favor of their beliefs -- sometimes writing extensively. They work so hard at this because they are trying to convince people they are right. That is, convince people that atheism is the correct belief.

Not only are they not objective, they very strongly biased toward the atheist point of view. Atheists are not neutral on the question of God's existence.

Bottom line: Information written by an atheist should be treated just like any other documents, it needs to be evaluated and it needs to be backed up by proven facts, before accepting it.

Does potential bias in someone's writing eliminate that writing from being useful? Not at all. Historians have developed techniques for reconstructing the truth from even a biased document. Concerning biased documents historian Gary Habermas writes, "As Hadas explained, scholars can make allowance not only for subjective facets involved in the recording and interpretation of events, but even for incorrect data. The reconstructing of ancient history relies on the ability of the scholar to determine the facts of the past in spite of these deterrents." *

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* Gary Habermas, The Historical Jesus, page 261, paraphrasing from the "Introduction" to The Complete Works of Tacitus, by Moses Hadas, pp. IX-XIX

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