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Hairy Apes & Adam and Eve
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Where is there any evidence that human came from apes?

Yes, there are genetic similarities. But pigs and humans are also genetically very similar, yet no one claims humans came from pigs.

All of the scientific evidence shows that when apes mate they produce... more apes. Yes, variations within apes do develop, but they are still apes.

Let's look at an animal we are all familiar with, and within which it is very easy to see differences: dogs.

There are many different types of dogs, ranging from wolves to poodles. Man has learned to breed dogs so as to speed up the development of variations. In other words, through our efforts we have sped up the process of evolution to produce dogs with various special abilities and characteristics. What has been produced as a result of thousands of years of effort? Dogs. Dogs always produce more dogs. Dogs never evolve to produce a different type of animal.

Here is a still better example. Fruit flies have a short life cycle making them excellent for research. Scientists can quickly see what happens through hundreds of generations of fruit flies. Fruit flies have been bombarded with radiation, subjected to chemicals, and subjected to everything scientists can think of to produce genetic mutations (which we call evolution). The end result has been that fruit flies ALWAYS produce more fruit flies. They NEVER produce anything other than fruit flies.

The problem with saying that Adam and Eve came from apes is that there is absolutely no scientific evidence this is possible. 100% of the scientific evidence says that apes only produce apes and humans only produce humans.