People have always wondered what happens when we die. Every mythological, pagan and contemporary religion (including atheism) has come up with an answer to this question. Atheism says nothing happens, we just die. Islam says that we either go to paradise where there is wine and virgin women, or we go to one of seven different hells. Buddists become one with the universe, and Mormons get to be the god of their own planet.

To say that Christianity is not true because it also describes what happens after we die, is not valid.

It is interesting to note, however, that Christianity is the only religion in which the problem of sin and eternity is solved in a just manner. In Christianity, all may be saved, and join God in heaven, through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Jesus paid the price for our sins, so that we might be saved. Justice is served, the penalty for our sins is paid.

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