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Life Can Not Come From Non-Life
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Life is built from proteins. When astronomer Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe calculated the odds of the functional proteins required for life forming by chance, the mathematical probability was 1 chance in 10 to the 40,000th power. (For more information visit:

That's a 1 followed by 40,000 zeros.

Mathematically anything with a probability of 1 chance in 10 to the 51st power can never happen. (That's a 1 followed by just 51 zeros).

There has been much discussion about numbers such as these, with those who want to believe there is no God saying that some factors are not being taken into consideration. For example, there being a tendency for certain chemical combinations to form naturally; and throughout the earth there were billions of opportunities for the formation of proteins occurring simultaneously. The result is a claim that there was a much greater probability of the proteins needed for life forming spontaneously*. However, for us nonscientists we can simplify our understanding of this by looking at what one scientist, who is an atheist, concluded.

Dr. Francis Crick was the co-discoverer of DNA. A biography of Dr. Crick is available on the Nobel e-Museum web site. He has won many scientific awards, including the Nobel Prize. Dr. Crick knows what he is doing, and understands biology and probabilities. After studying the probabilities of life arising from non-life, Dr. Crick came to the conclusion that life CAN NOT spontaneously come from non-life. Life can only come from life. The theory Dr. Crick now supports is that life on earth was seeded by aliens from another planet.

Of course, that raises the question of, where did those aliens come from?

Amino Acids:

But let's assume that the proteins needed for life, although this is mathematically impossible, were able to form spontaneously. Those proteins then need to combine correctly to form amino acids--which are then used to build DNA which is required for all life.

Each amino acid comes in two shapes, known as left-hand and right-hand. When amino acids are created outside of a living organism they are created 50% left-handed and 50% right-handed. However, life is composed of just left-hand amino acids. For example, when something dies, over time half of the left-hand amino acids will convert to right-hand versions until there is a 50-50 division.

Since left-hand and right-hand amino acids are chemically identical, there is no known natural way to separate left-hand amino acids from right-hand amino acids. Since this was discovered 150 years ago, no natural process has been observed that separates left-hand from right-hand amino acids.

Since a living cell must be made from 100% left-hand amino acids, but there is no way to separate the left-hand from the right-hand amino acids, living cells can not come from non-living materials--unless some outside intelligence (God for example) properly separates the two types of amino acids and leaves only left-hand amino acids in the first life-form. Without an outside intelligence (God), life only comes from life.

Conclusion: Life only comes from life.