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It is impossible for anyone to prove to you that God exists. Not because the factual evidence is not available. The evidence is plainly available. However, facts and scientific evidence will not get someone change their mind when they have already decided what they want to believe.

For example:

A challenge I have put to atheists is for them to prove to me that they exist. Surely it is easier to prove to someone else that you exist, than it is to prove that God exists. After all you have evidence, just look in a mirror. How hard can it be to prove to me that you exist?

Some have responding with emails saying, "Of course I exist. I'm right here writing to you!" But that doesn't prove anything. Maybe there is a committee of twelve people who vote on what to put in "your" emails, and then they send it to me using a ficticious name.

Some have scanned their driver's license, birth certificate or other identification, and emailed it. But scanned images are easy to modify and thus don't provide valid proof.

Some have offered to call me on the phone, or stop by my home -- but they don't have my phone number or address, so they can't do that.

Point #1: It is impossible for you to prove you exist unless I open myself to you by giving you my phone number or address. As long as I keep myself closed to you, you can't prove you exist. The same is true with God, as long as you don't want Him to exist, and you remain closed to Him, the available proofs that He exists will not convince you.

Let's assume that open myself a little and give out my phone number. You call me. What does that prove? Nothing. It could be that the committee of 12 selected someone to say they were you. After all, the committee wants me to believe you exist and will go to any lengths to trick me into believing you exist.

Let's asssume I go further and give you my address. You show up on my doorstep and we share a pot of tea in my kitchen. Sorry, I still deny that you exist. Maybe it's because The Committee of Twelve hired a former CIA agent and provided false identification. Maybe we're living in the Matrix. Or maybe you are a hallucination Satan sent to trick me.

Do these sound far fetched?

Well the scientic evidence that God created life on earth is so strong that the leading theory against creation is that we were put here by aliens. (We'll get to that on another page.) People can accept some really strange things, as long it lets them avoid God. (Why is that?)

Point #2: No matter what evidence you present, or how good it is, I can chose to believe what I want to believe--and as a human my natural inclination is to chose to believe what I WANT to believe.

Yes, I know, you'll say, "I'm not so hardheaded and stupid. If I saw real evidence, I'd believe it."

I'm glad to hear that.

For my part I don't expect you to change your mind. That's not my reason for writing this. I'm glad you have an open mind and will thoughtfully consider the information I've provided in response to your email.