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Creation of the Universe
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According to the Bible, in the beginning God spoke and the universe was created.

According to science there was a BANG! and the universe can into existence.

Where is the conflict between these two? There is none. The Bible and science are in harmony.

Science has not proved there is no God. Science has shown us how the universe was created and it matches what the Bible says. The universe did not start slowly and gradually grow into existance. The universe has not been around forever. It started with a BANG! Just like the Bible says, God spoke and it came into existence.

Please take note that the Bible does not claim to provide a scientific explaination of creation. The point being made in Genesis is not a scientific point. The point of Genesis Chapter 1 (the creation) is that GOD CREATED THE UNIVERSE and everything in it, including us. God is making a theological point--He created us--not providing a scientific textbook.

Still in Genesis 1:3 it says, "Then God said, 'Let there be light,' [BANG!] and there was light."

(I added the part in brackets.)