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When I die, I will take a dirt nap and that is all.
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What is really great about God is that He gives us what we want. If we say, "God I don't want you in my life.", He says, "Okay. And that's the way it will be after you die also."

Science can not reach beyond death, so we have no scientific way to determine what actually happens after we die. However, the one who created the universe, and us, has told us exactly what happens. We get what we chose during our lives.

If we chose God, we get to spend eternity with God and be rewarded in proportion to what we have done with our lives.

If we chose to be separated from God during our lives, we are separated from God after we die. This separation from God is called hell. Without God (Jesus) to wash away our sins, we then will face the justice of experiencing the consequences resulting from those things we've done wrong.

It's not a choice anyone can force you to make one way or another. It is your free decision made with your free will. And God will give you what you choose.