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I have responded to your email with facts, not emotion. However, I do not see any facts in your email--it appears to be purely emotional.

Take a look at the facts and you'll find they point to God. Take a look at science and you'll find science points to God. After 150 years there is NO SOLID EVIDENCE Darwin was right. In fact, the scientific evidence is showing that Darwin was wrong. The more we learn, and the better our research tools become, the more we find that Darwin was wrong, and the Bible is right.

If you have the opportunity I recommend watching a video called: Unlocking the Mystery of Life: The Case for Intelligent Design. It shows the complexity of the inner working of a living cell.

If you took the DNA from one of our cells, and stretched it out, it would be over six feet in length. For a cell to reproduce, that DNA must be exactly duplicated. Our cells include components that split the DNA in half (lengthwise). Other components act like trucks, carrying around various proteins, which are delivered to each half of the DNA strand as they are needed. The proteins are then attached, in the proper sequence to recreate the original strand of DNA. This happens with both halves of the DNA, creating two new strands of DNA--one for each half of the cell as it splits.

The major point of the video is that cells contain components that are irreducibly complex. That means that the component had to have been created all at once--there is no evolutionary route that could have been taken from a less complex component to what the cell now has. This means there has to be an intelligent designer (God), who designed and created that component.

The more we learn about microbiology, the more we see the hand of God.