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This is an email we received from someone who does not think God is real. While there are many ways to see that God is real (read Romans 1:19 for example) this dicussion focuses primarily on science and the Bible.

The email we received are reproduced here, exactly as we received them . Within the email are links to the answers to each point raised in the email.

Original email we received:

God is a made up idealogy. there is NO proof, no fact, it is as much fantasy as the tooth fairy. why can't you people accept that religion and myth is an allegory and get on with science, reality, truth and your own mortality like a sane person instead of lollygagging around basking in the afterlife fairytale you have to beleive in order to get through the day. geez. you are an ape, you have almost exactly the same dna as a chimp, you need to read stephen hawkings (he was smarter than jesus) and the string theory and wake up and smell the reality.


A significant number of the emails like this used to be sent with false return addresses. Since we've changed our email form so that a return address is not required, that has no longer been a problem. But at the time this was written it became our standard policy to quetion whether the return address was real before putting a lot of time into writing a reply. I'm glad to say that in this case it was real.

Hello ____:

Thank you for writing.

I'm guessing that the email address you gave is not real. But, if my reply does not bounce I'll be glad to follow up and answer your questions, because--if you do look at the scientific evidence, it shows God exists.

Yours in Christ,
Mission to America


-hello steve

first, show me the money!!!! , please, i am really waiting on this one. go ahead, impress me with your god sleuthing. point me to it!!!! i challenge you.

because i have religious views different than yours!!!! what a breath of predictable and stale air you are!!!

there is NO scientific evidence that or saturn or the sun that is not based on fake, junk, fundamentalist, creationist, "pseudo-science". there is not one single that is accepted in scientific circles of accept thought that aligns itself with creationist "junk science".

and even if there was an adam and eve, if in fact they were created at the beginning of man on earth. remember man as you know it did not exist, he walked on all fours. his dna was very much like ours . . . since we are all descended from apes.

. when you die, you will take a dirt nap and that is all.

most religion was co-opted ritual forms of pagans and other earth religions. organized religion could collect money, wield untold power, organize the masses, frighten and scare, make things happen, align itself with politics and make powerful alliances. , and that is all it means. it is not a dirty word. pagan practices pre-date any organized religion. religion as you know it was like the gap and old navy, it had to make money to be viable, it had to have a label and multiply and spread to stay alive. paganism was content being what it was. that were eventually co-opted as holy days. wreaths, hollys, candle lighting, incense, days of celebration and merriment and days of reflection of inner life, clandestine books of wisdom, acknowledgement of the seasons, herbology, celebrations - these were all counterparts of the pagan way of life - all co-opted by organized religion.

in america, , because we wanted the indians to be "god fearing" and they protested, and we also wanted the land so populate america with more saintly folks with white skin since i am sure these american infidels were stupid enough to think that the world was still flat and jesus was white with blue eyes and straight hair. our god-loving united states government in the form of warming blankets to the indians to exterminate the men, women and childre and then forcefully dislocated cherokee's on a death march called "the trail of tears" (does this remind you of anyone in the 1940s??). of course, getting rid of the savage native indian and their wives and children and their earth-loving ways just made a good god-fearing american want to sit in the first row at church on sunday and sing their hymns so proudly.

(i hate to throw around the word theory in the same sentence as intelligent design) because theory in science and mathematics is a developed thing with checks and balances in place and intelligent design in an "idea" that you want to be a real good idea, because if you can convince people with low IQs that this is real, then you might start a movement and you did that. congratulations. but a wolf in sheep's clothing is not a sheep. and a real good idea that you just gotta believe is NOT a theory and a scientific theory is not what you think it is.

i know of no intelligent person in the universe who can argue the existence of what you believe in, who can win any debate on the origin of the universe or win over or convince or otherwise appear knowledgeable on the origin of the universe, or your dna against any educated scientist.

religion and the god-fearing leanings come from the area in the brain known as the . intelligent design theorists, fundamental evangelists, people who believe in noah's ark, or that the dinosaurs walked the earth 5000 years ago a very scary lot of humans indeed. i want to stay away from the likes of you. i don't want to socialize with you nor do i want my children playing with your children, since you live in a fairyland.

you make for good amusement in the universe but , except the most ignorant, emotionally needy, disenfranchised, and spiritually bankrupt, stupid, unartful, misinformed. while i am sure that you feel that i am insulting you, just remember how often people just like you and perhaps even you too, would not hesitate to tell me that i and my children will burn in hell and el diablo will be waiting to stick a pitchfork in my unsaved children.

was regurgitated who lived before jesus. lao tzu's book is the most translated in human history, right after the bible. pretty amazing for an unknown like lao tzu. i guess he just surrounding him, like benny hinn or the popoffs, those idiots on tv. how can jesus have said the things he did?? because these sayings were not original thoughts. what jesus said was universal thought far before he walked the earth. he was the son of god: he meant he was a , which is the same thing.

if god created the earth, then in genesis that he created black holes, orion, or that the earth moved around the sun??? didn't he know what he created??? why on earth, in his BOOK, would he not divulge what he created??? did he forget??? isn't is possible that genesis had some serious spin put on it but whomever wrote it???

so and that is all you need. with faith you get by. with faith things come to pass. you trust what you read, what you have been taught, what you are familiar with, what your heavenly father and his son tells you, what comes to pass.

so consider this: as a child i believed and trusted my parents. as a child i lost a tooth. and then another. and each time i lost a tooth i faithfully placed it under my pillow. and the next day there was always two shiny quarters and the tooth was gone. i took the two shiny quarters to my parents and exclaimed: "look what the tooth fairy left me". so as i lost my impermanent teeth, the quarters added up. my faith was rewarded by putting the teeth under the pillow and waking up and getting the quarters.

so i had faith, and my instructors in my life - my earthly parents were "in on it" and were pulling the strings behind the scenes. they put the quarters there each time. they told me it was the tooth fairy. we all shared what i thought was the same belief - there really WAS a tooth fairy!!! so with faith you believe and what you believe comes to pass.

but guess what????? but the quarters were real!!!! it was a myth, and .

i can understand why you need religion. to give order to the chaotic universe. who can blame you. but use religion as an allegory, a myth based belief system to lead you to a place of wisdom, use it as something to take a little bit from and use your own wisdom to figure out the rest with the front lobes of your brain. it is all you need.

remember, all , , , , light, dark, healing, , from other unseen realms, the , , who are half earthlike and half of the "gods, and other of 3 or 7 of 12, the , and the universe" and all the other "original" schools of thoughts that your christianity tells you that is "original" has in reality been written about thousands of years and in every single culture on the planet long before jesus, the son of two humans, was ever conceived in an act of human sexuality by his parents, mary and joseph.

you know nothing about nothing and should not have a website in the netropolis wasteland filling innocent heads with talk of lies.

you are spreading emotionally-charged lies. i do hope you know that.



Hello ____:

Thank you for writing in more detail.

I have responded to many of the comments you made. I feel like I could have commented on just about every line, but I've picked out what appear to be some of the more important points. However, I'd be pleased to discuss any specific questions you have, or specific points from either your email or my responses.

Yours in Christ,
Mission to America