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Scientists and the Bible
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Unlike today's currently popular belief that God and science are completely separate, the historical facts are that science moves ahead because of Christianity. In his 1925 lectures, Alfred North Whitehead stated that Christianity is the mother of science because of "the rationality of God". Even current scientists who reject God or believe in other religions, use methods and thought processes based on the Bible--because the scientific method is based on the rationality of God. A rationality no other religion offers. So even those who deny Christianity with their mouths, support Christianity through their actions.

For more information we invite you to visit: Beginnings of modern science

Here are just a few of the scientists who believed in the Bible and creation by God:

  • Gerald E. Aardsma (physicist and helped develop radiocarbon dating)
  • Louis Agassiz (helped develop the study of glacial geology and of ichthyology)
  • Alexander Arndt (analytical chemist)
  • Steven A. Austin (geologist)
  • Francis Bacon (developed the Scientific Method)
  • Thomas G. Barnes (physicist)
  • Michael J. Behe (microbiologist)
  • Robert Boyle (sciences of chemistry and gas dynamics)
  • David Brewster (science of optical mineralogy)
  • Arthur V. Chadwick (geologist)
  • Melvin Alonzo Cook (physical chemist, Nobel Prize nominee)
  • Humphry Davy (science of thermokinetics)
  • Donald B. DeYoung (physicist)
  • Danny R. Faulkner (astronomer)
  • Robert V. Gentry (physicist and chemist)
  • John Grebe (chemist)
  • William Herschel (science of galactic astronomy / discovered double stars / developed the Global Star Catalog)
  • D. Russell Humphreys (physicist)
  • James P. Joule (developed reversible thermodynamics)
  • Dean H. Kenyon (Professor Emeritus of Biology at San Francisco State University)
  • Johann Kepler (science of physical astronomy / developed the Ephemeris Tables)
  • Matthew Maury (science of oceanography/hydrography)
  • James Clerk Maxwell (helped develop the science of electrodynamics)
  • Stephen Meyer (microbiologist)
  • Paul A. Nelson (biologist and philosopher)
  • William Ramsay (science of isotopic chemistry / discovered inert gases)
  • Lord Rayleigh (science of dimensional analysis)
  • Nicholas Steno (science of stratigraphy)
  • George Stokes (science of fluid mechanics)
  • William Thompson (Lord Kelvin) (sciences of thermodynamics and energetics)
  • Larry Vardiman (astrophysicist and geophysicist)

Visit the following web site for a longer list and more information about scientists and creation: Do scientists believe in creation?