Myths about Atheism
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Myth: Christian writers can not be trusted because they are biased.

The problem with this argument is that all writers are biased to some degree. If we are to throw out all works by Christian authors, then we also need to through out all works by non-Christian authors (including atheists), because they are biased against Christianity.

Does this mean we are left with nothing?

All writers are prejudiced in one way or another. However, some writers are better at overcoming their biases than others, and have produced very accurate historical records. Some writers try to hide their biases, while others make no attempt to hide very strong biases. But which is which? Who can we trust?

Science has developed methods of analyzing documents (the science of historiography) such as to determine to what degree a document is biased and what information in the document is true.

Bottom line: Christian writers are the same as any other writers. Some wrote in a highly biased manner, others reported events very accurately. Using the methods of historiography we can determine to what degree a document is biased and obtain useful information from even biased writing of Christians and atheists.

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