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Creation vs Biogenesis (Darwin) Debate
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(Biogenesis is the creation of life from non-living materials--such as is required by Darwin's theory).

I have a video tape of a debate that took place in Saskatchewan, Canada. The winner of this debate was determined by a vote of the people of Saskatchewan. The purpose of this debate was to determine what should be taught in the Saskatchewan public schools.

The debate was between the following people:

Speaking in favor of a Darwinian earth:

Dr. Langford, Professor of Geology
Dr. Woodhouse, Professor of Education
Dr. Williams, Professor Veterinary Science
Rev. Clay, Episcopal Chaplin, Univ. of Saskatchewan

Speaking in favor of creation science (intelligent design):

John Mackay, Creation Research Australia

The winner of the debate was John Mackay. A creation curriculum for public school science was then developed and is now used in Saskatchewan public schools. You can purchase a copy of this video and see the debate for yourself, if you would like. The web site to go to is:

Please don't say that those who favor creation can't win debates. You have no facts on which to base that statement. The truth is, those favoring creation win most of the creation vs. evolution debates.