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Why doesn't God tell us about black holes and other galaxies? Why doesn't He describe in detail how He created the universe and us?

Because the Bible is not the Encyclopedia Britannica. The point of Genesis chapter one is not to tell us how the universe was created. The main point is that God created the universe, and us, and He did it just by speaking. He spoke the universe into existence.

"Then God said, 'Let there be light,' and there was light." - Genesis 1:3 (NLT)

The earth hangs on nothing.The Bible is not a science book, it is a book about God. However, at times it does give us scientific information that would have been impossible for the people at the time it was written to have known. For example, there is description of the Earth floating in space in Job 26:7

"God stretches the northern sky over empty space and hangs the earth on nothing." (NLT)

In Isaiah 40:22 the Bible describes the shape of the earth: "It is God who sits above the circle of the earth." (NLT)

These descriptions (and others) of things that could not be known in 1000 B.C. are not in the Bible to attempt to explain cosmotology to ancient people, they are incidental to the Bible's description of God's glory. They are facts that God just happened to mention in passing when describing His glory.

P.S. The above descriptions were not added to the Bible later. They are in the Dead Sea Scrolls, which date from before Jesus was born.